Hollywood Dreams: The Mysterious Disappearance of a Young Starlet and the Search To Find Her


Los Angeles is the city of broken dreams. For every vision of silver screen fame, there are a thousand stories of those same dreams being shattered, talent cast aside, or never even getting the one-shot that they crave. Hollywood is littered with tragedy and haunted by death, none more so during the golden age of film noir. The 1940s were a dark time in Hollywood and Los Angeles at large, with crime running rampant and a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department seemingly unable or unwilling to put a stop to the senseless violence that had cost innumerable lives, many of them women.

World War II caused weapons and broken men to flood the streets alongside pimps, gangsters and anyone willing to pay a bribe. The underworld ruled the roost. That is not to say this dark underbelly completely enveloped the city, with many citizens going unhindered about their daily lives and some actually finding the success that many craved. One of these women was Jean Spangler, who at 26 was finding her feet amongst the stars, appearing with the likes of Kirk Douglas and Betty Grable. However, one fateful day in October of 1949, she would vanish into thin air, never to be seen again… 

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