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I am a freelance writer from the United Kingdom specializing in long-form content.

My areas of interest include popular culture, true crime, history, and politics. My educational background is in history and politics. I have been writing since 2002 and professionally since 2013.


Professional Details

I have run my own successful websites using WordPress in the past, including Doctor Who Worldwide, based on the BBC TV series of the same name, and Red Revolution Media, a political website.

In 2006, I was the recipient of a prestigious American Design Award for my web design work.

I currently write for Winter is Coming, part of the FanSided network, as well as publish my own content on Medium.


“My writing is heavily based on research and human empathy, seeking to highlight stories you may not have seen elsewhere. Comprehensive, unique, and, I hope, a good read”


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I specialise in writing long-form articles with a minimum of 1,500 words and no upper limit. Google is known to favour such pieces, and they have proven time and again to be popular with readers seeking in-depth and quality information. Well written content can not only attract new readers to your website or blog but inspire social media follows, mailing list sign-ups and allow you to promote your products.

I have a record for quick delivery and quality content with examples to be found on this website.